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Church Softball 2003
Praise God Almighty!
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Prayer Requests

I want to personally pray for each player's attitude for this church league.  I pray for peace in every heart.  At our games and from time to time the human side of us surfaces and frustrations and anger begin to control our emotions.  I pray the God will be our deliverer and claim this most difficult attribute in our lives.  We must surrender all and let the Holy Spirit control our emotions.  The bible clearly states that it is OK to be angry but not sin --- that means if you get angry you must ask for forgiveness even before you go to bed at night.  We must submit to God and remember that just as He forgave us we must also forgive those we are angry at.    It is my prayer that we take this to heart and pray to our heavenly father to change our hearts to be righteous before Him------  Amen!   --- Webmaster.
Hello Everyone again, please take some time to pray -- The bible teaches us to pray and to pray continuously.....Also, it said, when two or three are gathered that Jesus is in our midst.    Ask a brother or sister to join with you in prayer ---  God Bless You! 
Lord we pray for strength and mercy for  the men below and that they would dwell in Your Sancturary in their journey with You.  We pray for their families for encouragement, hope and peace.  We ask in Your Son Jesus Name --- Amen.  Webmaster.
  • Conesus United .... Dave Hotchkiss.  He is under going radiation and chemotherapy for colon cancer. 
  • Please keep Dave Lockner from the Livonia Community Church in your prayers also.

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